Articles Marketing Startup and Refresh Basics: Everything You Need to Succeed in Business

Marketing Startup and Refresh Basics: Everything You Need to Succeed in Business

Marketing is not one of those things that you can just set up and leave forever. While some people do try to stretch their websites out for years upon years without any updates, it is something that should be updated every few years, if not yearly. This is not to say that you need to do a full re-design, but updating the content (aside from the weekly blog), adding new images, and also adding additional pages, should be on your list of refresher basics.

There are a few crucial pieces that every marketing plan needs to have. Some are necessary (like a website and social media page) and some are huge perks for those wanting to bring in more leads (so isn’t that necessary too?). It’s also safe to say that your competitors and the largest companies in your industry have a form of this system set up – and it is easy to do!

Download the Marketing Checklist and get yourself set up for growth.

Why is it important to refresh your marketing?

There are 2 powerful forces online. One is the consumer, and one is Google (or any other search engine) – in that order. Google has made it very clear that all marketing initiatives should be geared towards the consumer, not itself. When this is done correctly, Google will reward you with a bump up on organic rankings.

One way to give to consumers, while pleasing Google, is to continually offer new valuable information. This can be done a number of ways:• Blogging regularly
• Updating your web content
• Adding new images to your site
• Sharing content around the web that links back to your site
• Creating new webpages for your website

These are just a few of the easy ones.

By refreshing your content (or putting up solid content for a startup from the get-go) you are showing consumers that you are a hub for everything they need for that topic – one they can come back to – and showing Google that you are not a stale company who has either gone out of business or is not worth bringing more people to.

What are the most important Marketing Campaigns to Set Up?

In the marketing checklist you downloaded above, it details all of the pieces to the marketing success pie. In all honesty, it is all crucial. That does not mean, however, that it all has to be done today.

The first place to start (obviously) is to set up a website. Having wordpress site will give you the foundation you need to build onto it as you grow, and start off as a very simple brochure site with a blog. It can be as little or as much as you need as a small business.

Marketing Strategy
Conduct some research to decide what channels you should be promoting your company from. Start with a market analysis to see what your competitors are doing, and then decide which ones are best for you. From there you will want to start thinking about what your strategy for each platform will be. What will you post, how often, to who, do you have an ad budget, do you have the time to manage all of them, do you need to outsource, etc. Really dive into the details of your campaign ideas so you know you are ready to do your company justice on the pages.

Note: It is recommended that you start with a solid foundation. Work with a professional to nail down your strategy – from there, you can manage everything yourself if you choose, and have it be effective and on plan for years to come.

Social Media
Next on the list are your social media channels. These should be set up based on the results of your marketing strategy. Do not set up an account on every platform available, or even those you use for your personal accounts. Set up where your audience is looking for the information you provide.

Make sure to set each platform up fully.
• About section completed
• Story (written with keywords)
• Images added (minimum 6 – added to weekly (min))
• Cover photo (designed + changed monthly)
• Profile picture (fit to square size)
• Link to site (both from profile and from website)

You should create 1 months worth of content to kickstart each page.

You can download a free template to use for creating your content calendar here.

Once your pages are all set up, it is time to get the word out there (since business pages have very limited reach without a boost).
You can start with a simple facebook page ad at $5 a day to see where it takes you and work on refining your target (refer to your professional strategy for a sample audience).
You can also choose to start with Google Adwords to direct people straight to your website. Remember, you cannot set up these campaigns and then walk away – they need to be monitored throughout the month and adjusted as necessary so you are not wasting a penny.

Chipping away
From there, it is recommended that you start making your way through the rest of that checklist. While these detailed above are the most important for foundational work, the entire checklist should be up and running within a year (max) of your launch or refresh. The entire system working together is what will build your company.

Sarah Kirkpatrick
Digital Marketing Specialist
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Monica Kretschmer

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