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Crystal Derouin - Meet The Canadian Business Chicks Team

Crystal Derouin - BDes, CGD

Branding Disruptor - Art Director, Graphic Designer

Meet the fabulous woman behind our brand. Crystal is a mother of three, runs a successful Etsy store, has cheeky wit, and the patience of a saint. Crystal is an entrepreneur at heart with a desire to give back to the community to support other women succeed. We are grateful to have Crystal on our team in The Nest!

What do you think it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur?
Self-motivation, optimism, risk taking, making connections and supporting other women.

What does being a Canadian Business Chicks mean to you?
Supporting local businesses and building a strong community of amazingly talented women. When you support local you directly support a person, their family, the local economy and community. In return, you get completely unique and wonderful services and products made with love and quality. All in all, it just feels good!

What words of wisdom would you share with women starting a business?
As Nike keeps saying “just do it”. You'll never know until you try. Cliché? Definitely but so true! Don’t be afraid to love other people's work and make connections with them – you never know where you might end up.

Sofia Nunes - Canadian Business Chicks Team

Sofia Nunes

Search & Social Media Marketing “Disruptor"

Meet our Social Media Marketing "Disruptor", Sofia. We absolutely adore this woman who's compassion, spirit, authenticity, work ethic and expertise are separating us from the pack! Sofia is a life long learner and passionate about supporting women. We are so grateful to have Sofia on our team to lead our Social Media Marketing.

What it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur?
Strength, willpower, purpose, vision and an outstanding supporting system.

What does being a Canadian Business Chicks mean to you?
The opportunity to be a part of a beautiful purpose (one that I completely identify with and goes in line with my own life purpose:) Women supporting women, so we can all succeed in a place of inclusion, support, and care.

What words of wisdom would you share with women starting a business?
Listen to your inner voice. Don’t compromise your truth and values for anyone’s values or agenda. Even if it means losing what you now understand as your big break. In time, you’ll see it truly wasn’t. Learn from missteps and mistakes. Don’t fold. Trust and believe that you WILL make it and you WILL live the life you dream of. ;)

Shelley Hayes - Meet The Canadian Business Chicks Team

Shelley Hayes, MBA, MMGT, CPC

Member Ambassador

When you meet Shelley Hayes, you will understand why she has stepped into the role of Member Ambassador. Shelley's passion for empowering women, strong values, belief in supporting women and authenticity are only a few of the key traits that enable Shelley to make everyone instantly welcome to The Nest. We are very fortunate to have Shelly as one of our pioneer Member Ambassador's and look forward to having you meet Shelley at our next event.

In my own business, Empowerment Inc., we teach women Self-Defense and Empowerment through the spectrum of assertive communication all the way up to physical self-defense moves. It’s exciting to bring the knowledge and skills I have gained from 16 years experience in Leadership, Executive Coaching, and Leadership/Organizational Development to this work. I had many successful years in the not-for-profit industry and then transitioned into the for-profit and healthcare realms where my MBA, MMGT, and Certified Coaching Certificate allowed me to lead corporate university efforts and improve employee culture and engagement at many levels. I’ve specialized in teaching leaders and individuals of all levels and backgrounds about assertive communication, bullying prevention, how to have difficult conversations, holding healthy boundaries, conflict resolution & de-escalation, and personal accountability. These topics all contribute beautifully to reaching our goal of making the world a kinder and safer place. Creating a world where people are safe, confident and empowered is deep and meaningful work and I’m more than grateful that the Canadian Business Chicks is a place where we all can thrive.

Why did you choose to be a Canadian Business Chicks Ambassador?
I am proud and excited to be an Ambassador because I believe in the Canadian Business Chicks with my whole heart. I stand behind the values, the goals and the community we are creating together in The Nest. The vision for moving mountains together appeals to me because collaboration is much better than competition in my book. I adore all of the aspects of diversity that are present in The Nest and can’t wait to meet even more inspirational women as we celebrate 150 Women of Inspiration this year. What could be better? I’m sticking with my motto – Empowered Women, Empower Women.

Anita Kemp - Meet The Canadian Business Chicks Team

Anita Kemp

Member Ambassador

It is our pleasure to introduce Anita as one of our pioneer Member Ambassador. Anita is bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a coach and makes everyone feel welcome. Anita's experience letting go of the ledge and transitioning from the corporate to entrepreneurial world enable her to bring a fresh perspective to new members who are on the same journey. We look forward to having you meet Anita at our next event or monthly Nest Master Mind Member Calls.

Anita is the founder of Coach by Design, a business focused on helping professional women to discover the confidence, courage and resilience to escape the corporate world, release their inner entrepreneur, and create their own business. With a degree in business and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, Anita spent a number of years working in the corporate world of finance and business consulting - until she escaped and released her inner entrepreneur. As a professionally trained business coach, with a passion for entrepreneurship, Anita is on a mission to bring the heart and mind of coaching into the hearts and minds of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why did you choose to be an Ambassador? What's the importance of your role?

As an Ambassador for the Canadian Business Chicks, I act as both a representative and messenger for this amazing group of professional and entrepreneurial women. It is both an honour and a pleasure to be asked to take on this role. My personal values of courage, confidence, commitment and integrity are fully aligned with those of Monica and the Canadian Business Chicks, and I look forward to taking an active role in promoting and supporting the continued growth of the nest.

Cassie Hawrysh - Meet The Canadian Business Chicks Team

Cassie Hawrysh

Millennial Ambassador

It is our pleasure to have Cassie join our team as the Millennial Ambassador. Cassie brings a fresh perspective and positive mindset ensure our Millennial's make the transition into The Nest with ease. Cassie is natural communicator and is a great asset to our team to bridge the gap to ensure Millennial's have the tools and resources to build their career, start or advance their business.

Many of the Business Chicks in the nest have only just begun their journey towards their ultimate goals, and there’s a great deal of exciting and sometimes intimidating things that need to happen before they become an official Boss Chick.

Through passion, authenticity and perseverance, Cassie Hawrysh is all about making a difference and creating ripple effects. From her experience as a Professional Athlete, and Olympic Alternate for Team Canada Skeleton along with a degree in Journalism Cassie continues to build her own brand as a media maven, public speaker, influencer and all around motivator.

“It’s about working and building. It’s about never being afraid to fail, take risks or ask for support. The Canadian Business Chicks is an environment that fosters success,” says Cassie, “I endeavour to be another pillar in that support system for our younger generation in whatever ways I can.”

With an approachable and fun energy, Cassie Hawrysh is Canadian Business Chicks’ Millennial Ambassador and has a wealth of knowledge to share.