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Michelle Nedelec - Awareness Strategies | VP of Marketing & Sales and Online Marketing Specalist| Author

General Manager

Turning entrepreneurs into Business Ownership Leaders for over 15 years, Michelle helps you to strategically shape your company into the money making machine that you knew it could become all while maintaining your personal touch and warm client experiences. When it’s time to grow your business, Michelle’s the one to help see you through it.

Michelle became involved with The Canadian Business Chicks because she was looking for a challenging position in a growing community that included fun events that focused on empowering entrepreneurs and welcoming women to succeed. She found exactly that right here. She has always had a firm belief that the growth of the entrepreneurial community is the key to a successful society. And, when you recognize and support the women who pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle you create a society that builds on its creativity, resourcefulness, and ultimately its success.

Awareness Strategies is a Sales and Marketing Automation Company with a mission to help people like you fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. We do that by working with executives to strategize and systemize their revenue growth by focusing on their sales and marketing. For over a decade, we have specialized in helping small business owners automate their sales, marketing, and billing. Through teaching, consulting and implementing lifecycle marketing and sales campaigns we’ll help your company to strategically and consistently grow.

Having worked with over 8500 entrepreneurs, Executives and Franchisees from around the world we know that being an entrepreneur at the top of the company can be a lonely place to be, especially when it comes to making decisions. That’s why we not only Consult; we almost act like Partners and become a Confidant to you.

Christina Pilarski

PR and Communications

Christina is co-owner and CEO of CIPR Communications, a communications firm that specializes in public relations, online communications, and campaigns.

Christina believes in the power of meaningful relationships and strategic engagement both online and offline; her passion surrounding engagement has solidified her role as a leader within the communications industry.

Christina has taken the path as an innovator in communications, public relations and agile online engagement. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Masters of Arts in Communications Studies, her education led her to focus her thesis around the ability to effect policy change through online engagement. She took her research across Alberta to understand what it takes for an individual to become engaged with government and policy online. Christina is one of few people in the country who has studied, and is committed to understanding why we engage online, and what keeps us coming back.

A proven expert in digital communications including multiple online and social media platforms, Christina’s background includes developing and executing campaigns, managing projects and helping to establish strong online brands for a variety of organizations representing varied industries and sectors.
Christina taught at the University of Calgary as a teaching assistant and has been a teacher, trainer, and facilitator for ten-years.
Her corporate experience includes TransCanada Pipelines, Boardwalk Rental Communities, and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Crystal Derouin - BDes, CGD

Branding Disruptor - Art Director, Graphic Designer

Meet the fabulous woman behind our brand. Crystal is a mother of three, runs a successful Etsy store, has cheeky wit, and the patience of a saint. Crystal is an entrepreneur at heart with a desire to give back to the community to support other women succeed. We are grateful to have Crystal on our team in The Nest!

Crystal is the Artistic Director behind the Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration Awards, Global Women of Inspiration, Boss Chicks Authentic Mentorship Program, SupportHER and The Nest Foundation Branding.
Crystal Derouin Design strives to research and understand each clients needs to make every project a success. Design elements such as images, type, and colour are always carefully selected for each project. CDD realizes that the smallest mark on a page can have endless possibilities.

CDD believes in focusing on longevity, creating things that look and feel as good today, as it will years from now. CDD simply wants to help people, companies, facilities and institutions be the best that they can be.

Specialties: Visual identities, guidelines, logos, stationery, invitations, brochures, posters, folders, banners, displays, flyers, newsletters and the list goes on.

What do you think it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur?
Self-motivation, optimism, risk taking, making connections and supporting other women.

What does being a Canadian Business Chicks mean to you?
Supporting local businesses and building a strong community of amazingly talented women. When you support local you directly support a person, their family, the local economy and community. In return, you get completely unique and wonderful services and products made with love and quality. All in all, it just feels good!

What words of wisdom would you share with women starting a business?
As Nike keeps saying “just do it”. You'll never know until you try. Cliché? Definitely but so true! Don’t be afraid to love other people's work and make connections with them – you never know where you might end up.

Carmen A. Vetian, CPA, CGA, CDFA

Carmen A. Vetian, CPA, CGA, CDFA - Carmen A. Vetian Professional Corporation

Carmen has been a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) in good standing with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta (CPA Alberta) since 2001. Since 1999, she has worked primarily in public practice, in various roles from junior apprentice to senior manager and for the past 11 years as the Owner/Partner of her own accounting and tax practice in Airdrie, Alberta. Carmen also holds a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation and is a member in good standing of The Institute for Divorce Financials Analysts.
During the course of her accounting/tax career, she has also had the opportunity to work in the industry as a corporate tax analyst for the Canadian division of an international company. In addition, she was also a corporate tax analyst in the oil and gas industry, also involved in planning, preparation and reporting of all the corporate tax to tax authorities and international based parent corporations. Within these roles, she has had various responsibilities for all tax compliance and due diligence processes for regular tax reporting requirements and also for acquisitions and corporate reorganizations. A professional accountant is an essential part of any business and Carmen partners with her clients to assist them in their success. She truly enjoys helping businesses and people with their tax planning and strategies for the future.

Deborah L Kerbel, MBA

Founder, Deborah L Kerbel Inc | 2018 Top 5% Corporate Event Planner| CBC Event Director, YYZ

Deborah L Kerbel Inc. has garnered an industry-wide reputation by turning events from budget draining parties, into revenue-generating strategic channels – defying expectations.
As a former C-suite executive in the financial services industry, Deborah, the founder, holds an MBA and creates one-of-a-kind corporate events focused on real, measurable results that generate ROI/ROO.
Deborah and her team provide a full range of services to a discerning clientele. We work with clients as unique as the events we plan; small businesses, Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations. For each, we provide unforgettable memories.

The exclusive-nature of her work has made her one of the most sought-after corporate event strategists across North America, for companies that want and deserve more.
Deborah creates events that mean business, reflecting your brand, with bold, brazen strategies, executed with professionalism, and flair across several industries.
Impossible is not her our vocabulary. Impossible is unimaginative. Imagination is for the brave who take risks to create authentic events.

Donna Dahl - Woman of Inspiration

Donna Dahl

Empowerment Coach, Award Winning Author | WOI2016 – Lifetime Award | WOI Event Chair | Editor, CBC

Donna Dahl, Award-winning Woman of Inspiration has built a reputation for facilitating change through her empowerment coaching. Empowerment coaching opens the door to your future. Empowerment is the path that paves the passage to your desired outcome. Empowerment is the energy that drives your engine to the finish line. Empowerment is what fuels your energy to persist. Empowerment is the result of the belief in yourself to achieve success.

Sam Bell

Founder and Owner, Momaita’s Journey | Master Facilitator | Certified Teacher (FE) | WOI2018 Finalist | WOI Ambassador and Selection Commitee

Combining my many years as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, I use my experience as a clinical academic and intuitive to deliver a unique holistic approach to health, empowerment coaching and healing to my Clients. As a Reiki Master, an Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Practitioner and a Higher Priestess Practitioner, I am able to draw from these unique skills to create a personalized approach to my work with clients and patients.
Having recently accepted the position of President of the newly formed Calgary South Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, I am building a presence in Calgary to empower holistic practitioners, entrepreneurs and holistic businesses to be recognized for their skills, knowledge and expertise.

I am passionate about empowering women, and as a successful Women's Circle Facilitator, recognise the POWER of women coming together in the right environment. To this end, I have recently launched ‘The Mother Ship Events’ which are designed to provide a safe, nurturing space where participants are empowered to own their feelings and experiences, to take creative risks, and to allow their deepest yearnings to take root and blossom. Our guests gather to support one another, discuss topics close to their hearts, educate and nurture creativity. These are all ways in which we create community, banish isolation, and empower our selves, each other, our partners and of course, our children.

Chris Kennedy - Co-Founder, Virgin Beauty B!tch Podcast

WOI Selection Committee

"A Woman of Inspiration does not look over her shoulder to see who she’s passed, her's is the shoulder others look over to see what’s next and what is possible.” Chris Kennedy

Graduate of Radio and Television Broadcasting - SAIT, former music director at CHFM Calgary; Vancouver Region Promotions and Marketing Manager with Warner Music Canada; Public Relations graduate - Langara College; Regional Publicist and Events Coordinator with Citytv Vancouver.  Blogger, author - VirginBeautyB!tch; co-host - VirginBeautyB!tch the Podcast a platform exploring feminine as a force destined to heal our world.

I wonder; had Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla or Stephen Hawking had been born instead as being Leah, Ali, Nicole or Stephanie, what would be the loss to humanity had their voices been muted on the grounds of being born female?

I think, too, what geniuses have been denied their opportunity to contribute because they were born a girl?  Where might the world be today had their vision been encouraged?  Women of Inspiration is a platform for change, for contributions to be celebrated, and for opportunities to be realized regardless of sex.  I support that vision; it’s why I volunteer.