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Christina Pilarski - Women of Inspiration

Christina Pilarski – CEO, CIPR Communications

Chief Chick of Marketing and Communications, Canadian Business Chicks


Women who own businesses and work in the business space aren’t just symbols of strength and independence. They are evidence of greater gender equality in the professional world. When it comes to support for businesswomen, it’s important to seek out companies with the mission of helping female entrepreneurs – or seek out companies being run by women.

Meet Christina Pilarski, founder and CEO of CIPR Communications, a strategic communications firm specializing in public relations, digital communications, and training.

Christina believes in the power of meaningful relationships and strategic engagement both online and offline; her passion surrounding engagement has solidified her role as a leader within the communications industry.

Through public relations, communications, marketing, and stakeholder relations – strategy and execution, Christina and her team work closely with Canadian Business Chicks.

A daily routine of self-care is important for Christina. “Every morning and evening, I write a Five-Minute Journal entry. If you don’t have one of these, get one,” she said, adding, “I also really guard my time and set realistic timelines for myself, my clients, and my family,” said the mother of twin boys.

Christina’s number one goal is to build a team as passionate about communicating and engaging as she is. “I want to be a leader that empowers and gives my team as much room as they need to perform and drive towards success, and I want to be one of the first names companies think of when they think about engaging a firm to help them with their communications needs.”

A short-term business goal for Christina in 2018 is to triple revenue. CIPR is well on its way and that is in part due to connections made through organizations they believe in – like Canadian Business Chicks.

When asked what her favorite Canadian Business Chicks event is throughout the year, she excitedly answered “The awards! Women of Inspiration is a truly awesome event – last year I filled a table with inspiring female clients and… Click To Tweet

Thank you so much for everything, Christina!

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Monica Kretschmer

Monica Kretschmer

Monica is the Founder and CEO of Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration and The Nest Foundation. Born and raised in Calgary, she is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for building authentic and relevant connections. Monica believes in empowering women and her mission is to help women thrive in business and in their personal lives. She believes in creating a place where women can work together to foster a community where diversity, innovation, recognition, mentorship and a disruptor mindset are all valued. Where women can feed their souls and their pocketbooks, all while finding much needed mentorship. A place where Purpose, with a capital P, can be found by all. Since launching Canadian Business Chicks in May 2014, Monica has broken traditional barriers and silos by embracing collaboration and diversity. In three short years, Monica has built a recognizable brand across Canada and spearheaded partnerships with government agencies, non-profits, venture capitalists and women’s organizations. Since Monica launched Women of Inspiration as a legacy event to honour a woman who helped her overcome adversity in 2015, she has tripled her attendance and opened nominations to women across Canada. Monica’s big juicy vision is to grow Canadian Business Chicks nationally and Women of Inspiration globally. Media and Speaking Enquiries: Website:

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