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Diversity is strength and benefits everyone. More and more women are not only propelling themselves forward in the business world but becoming mentors for one another and propping each other up, helping to break barriers and glass ceilings.  

Meet Crystal Derouin, the creative and talented Art Director and Graphic Designer behind Canadian Business Chicks. In her own words, “I make things look pretty.”  

Crystal Derouin - Canadian Business Chicks

This exceedingly patient and witty supermom of three has ambitious goals increasing sales on her Etsy store, increasing her brand awareness, and ultimately selling into more retail locations. 

So how does this entrepreneurial on-the-go mom take time for herself and practice self-care? 

“I have a treadmill…” 

Canadian Business Chicks is more than an organization – it is a strong team of women supporting one another. “Women need to support each other in not only the business world but in life! It’s why I’m so glad to be involved in Canadian Business Chicks.”  

Attracting, retaining, and promoting entrepreneurial women in the workforce is crucial to the future for both growth and prosperity of the organization – and involving women like Crystal helps Canadian Business Chicks keep their vision clear, and voice amplified.  

Connecting women to customers and lines of business by offering help and opportunities through leveraging their social network and social media, professional meetings, and events such as Women of Inspiration can encourage talented and driven women to a myriad of industries. Canadian Business Chicks are changing the way women do business – including partnering with great organizations to put on events like ‘Hockey ‘N Heels Night’ with keynote speaker Cassie Campbell-Pascall. 

When asked what the most useful Canadian Business Chicks tool is, Derouin candidly said, “meeting other amazing business chicks!” She has connected with them at events, online, and even through conference calls.  

Every woman has value, and worth, and as a collective, Canadian Business Chicks aims to make a significant impact in the lives of their fellow busy business women through self-motivation, optimism, risk-taking, and being there for one another. 

Thanks for all you do Crystal!  

You can connect with Crystal through her websites: Crystal Derouin | Prairie Chick Prints or on Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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