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How do you spend your money effectively?

We all have different ways of budgeting and attempting to balance our checkbooks. What are your strategies? I must admit, I find it easier now that I work from home – corporate Calgary had me

How Do You Let People Help You?

March, especially with the recent International Women’s Day celebrations, is a great time to remember the importance of supporting one another and building connections with like-minded leaders and influencers.   As business owners and entrepreneurs, it is essential to ask

How Do Create Your Own Award Strategy?

Did you know that awards and celebration really do go hand-in-hand? Every Canadian Business Chick needs a strategy to ensure that they are being recognized within the industry they are working in (or aspiring to work in). Awards and

How Do You Put Your Best Foot Forward?

Putting your best foot forward is the key to actually making this year YOUR year to move mountains. Consider these four tips – and start putting your best foot forward this month