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Desirée Bombenon – SupportHER

Desirée Bombenon – President and CEO, SureCall Contact Centres @SureCallInc Desirée Amanda Bombenon has over 30 years of business operational experience. She is one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women 2016 & 2017, Business

Peter Kinkaide – Why I SupportHER

Peter Kinkaide -CEO, Raintree Capital – Why I SupportHER  @RaintreeEMD Meet Peter Kinkaide, the CEO of Raintree Capital, the parent company of Raintree Financial Solutions, Raintree Wealth Management and Raintree Corporate Finance. Our businesses are

Desiree Bombenon – Why I SupportHER

Desiree Bombenon – Why I SuportHER  | @SureCall Why I SupportHER  Say hello to Desiree Bombenon, President and CEO, SureCall Contact Centers Ltd. Desiree has over 30 years of business operational experience with a proven

Rick Tiedemann – Why I SupportHER

Rick Tiedemann – Why I SupportHER @CopemanClinic Why I SupportHER: Meet Rick Tiedemann, Senior Director of Business Development at Copeman Healthcare.   Rick has spent 35 years in the corporate milieu and has worked with a

Armand M. Flores – Why I SupportHER

Meet SupportHER – 2018 Women of Inspiration Nominee Photographer Armand M. Flores – Owner, Profolio Photpgraphy @ArmandFlores3 Meet Armand M. Flores, the man behind the lens who captured the individual strength and beauty of our

11 Year-old Kaiya Inspires

Meet 11-year-old Kaiya who is inspiring others around her with her love for music and powerful voice! We are excited to announce Kaiya will be performing live at Women of Inspiration Awards Gala on September

Embracing Diversity, Empowering Women Through Celebration

Recently I was interviewed by Peter Watts of QR770News. Have a listen to our interview as we discuss the importance of celebrating accomplishments and a diverse network with #SupportHER’s. Here is what I had to

Faisal Karmali – Why I SupportHER

Why I SupportHER Meet Faisal Karmali, talk show host, business analyst for CTV and 770 CHQR. Faisal is also the Porftolio Manager and Investment Advisor for Popowich Karmali Advisory Group. Faisal has been working with

Raman Kapoor – 2017 Woman of Inspiration – Difference Maker

Photo credit: Toni Nicole Photography Raman Kapoor – President, DIL Walk Foundation  @ramankapoorrd Advocate for Health and Wellness (Dietitian, Blogger, Author, TV/Radio guest speaker) I was 13 years old when I was running laps for

Peter Pilarski – Why I SupportHER

Peter Pilarski – President, Cannabiz Social – “I SupportHER” Meet Peter Pilarski, President of Cannabiz Social, a full-service communications and marketing agency with a mission to empower the Canadian cannabis industry through innovative communications. With