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June 13 @ 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Lead With Purpose – Leadership Conference | WinSport – June 13, 2019

The Nest Foundation empowers women to rebuild their lives with courage, confidence commitment, and integrity through education, mentorship, and wellness.

We invite you to elevate your leadership and lead with a purpose!

Lead with Purpose is for individuals and teams with a desire to lead with a purpose and inspire those around them.

. Learn from industry experts, thought leaders and business leaders as they share their inspiring journeys, expertise, wisdom to empower women to succeed.

Lead with Purpose attracts female and male leaders who believe in empowering women in their network, workplaces, and communities. Our conference delegates will experience insightful and inspiring stories, panel discussions with industry experts and be apart of a journey that inspires hope and action.

100% of net proceeds to support The Nest Foundation. Contact us to become a sponsor!

Purpose: To transform the lives of women and children who have overcome adversity.
Vision: Inspire a world of reciprocity where women prosper and families to thrive.

When women succeed, families succeed!

Together We Are Stronger! CONTACT US, Become a Sponsor or Donor!


Debra Poneman – Keynote Speaker – Say Yes to Success  – @dponeman

Founder and CEO, Yes to Success | Motivational Speaker, Author

Debra Poneman, founder and CEO of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc., is recognized as a pioneer in the field of personal growth. Since 1981 Debra has been a popular keynote speaker, seminar leader and talk show guest on radio, TV and in print in dozens of major cities and countries around the world.

For over 35 years, Debra Poneman, bestselling author and founder of Yes to Success Seminars, has shared her success system, now used by tens of thousands of people in every corner of the globe, to create lives of not only success and abundance, but deep and profound happiness, self-love and lasting inner fulfillment.

Known as the mentor to the mentors, Debra’s students have used her teachings to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, renowned transformational leaders, NY Times bestselling authors, millionaires, billionaires—even household names. But Debra’s greatest gift is her deep belief in every person’s magnificence and her ability to convey that belief to activate in her audience members and clients profound and lasting inner and outer transformation.

The 5 Universal Keys that Guarantee True and Lasting Success

Everyone has greatness inside of them. That is the Truth. Everyone. The question is, how do you fearlessly live that greatness? Where do you begin? Debra has discovered the 5 KEYS to how each of us can live the life we were born to live – a life of true and lasting inner and outer success. And she is going to share those keys with us so that we can begin to soar in our individual greatness and make a powerful contribution to the future of our world.

Dr. Jody Carrington – Keynote Speaker – Leadership Wellness | @JodyCarrington

2018 Women of Inspiration – Difference Maker | Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Dr. Jody Carrington is a Clinical Psychologist who has spent most of her career working with children and families who have experienced trauma. Growing up on a farm in rural Alberta, Canada, and after 13 years (!) of post-secondary education, she took her first job on the Mental Health Inpatient Units of the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. It was during those 10 years that she learned the most about kids, families, relationships, and the vital importance of connection. Today, she is back living in a rural setting, managing a private practice, raising a family, speaking around the country about relationships, connection and her new book, “Kids These Days”.

Jody passionately believes in the power of the relationship with the people we love, lead, and teach. Her favorite thing on the planet to do is to speak with educators – they have the power to change the trajectory of a life every single day. It’s time, she believes, that we need to start focusing less on kids these days, and more on those of you who hold them every day. The core of everything she speaks and writes about comes down to this: we are wired to do hard things. We can do those hard things so much easier when we remember this: we are wired for connection

Karen Stewart – Keynote Speaker – Disrupting with Purpose

Founder and CEO, Bumble Bees Venture Capital Inc. and Fairway Divorce Solutions Ltd | 2018 – Women of Inspiration Award – Advocate and Catalyst for Change | @BumbleBeesCap

Karen is a serial industry disrupter and entrepreneur. She has over 25 years of experience in founding and building businesses that are disruptive and create significant shareholder value. Being nominated for Women of Inspiration touches her on so many levels. To Karen, a woman of inspiration achieves success by inspiring others, therefore impacting both lives and society in a positive way. Her story is one of hope, vision, and simple determination. Karen believes that each and every woman can have everything. By everything, she means whatever your heart desires. “I believe you can be a strong leader, a business success, and at the same time have deep maternal instincts. While in her 50’s, Karen feels like she is just entering the prime of her career and will continue to be inspired by ideas that have an impact in a positive way. Karen has started more than 7 companies and to date have had zero failures. She’s only just beginning.

Monica Kretschmer- Keynote Speaker – Embracing Resilience to Lead with Purpose

Founder and CEO, Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration Awards, Women of Inspiration Awards, The Nest Foundation | @cdnbizchicks

Embracing Resilience to Lead with Purpose – Everyone has a story. Our founder will share how to you can learn to embrace resilience and lead with purpose.

Monica is the Founder and CEO of Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration Awards, The Nest Foundation and SupportHER elevating male leaders who champion women in their networks, workplaces, and communities. She is the founder of The Nest Foundation empowering women to rebuild their lives for themselves and their children through mentorship, education, and wellness. Monica is a native Calgarian and entrepreneur at heart with a passion for building authentic connections, empowering women and embraces life with courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity. Monica’s mission is to inspire women to lead with a purpose and prosper in business and life.

Dr. Laurie Maslak – Session Speaker –  Finding Your Voice To Lead | Moderator – SupportHER – Diversity and Inclusiveness Panel

President and Consultant, Maslak & Associates | BOD Chair, The Nest Foundation

Finding Your Voice to Lead: Learning of a new medium that helps to understand how our “inner intentions” are reflected through our actual voice and presence.

Dr. Laurie Maslak is a life-long learner, with a passion for educating leaders of today and tomorrow. Her career journey has included a long career as a nurse, followed by another career in HR, and the past six years travelling around North America building strong safety cultures and workplaces. She holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management, specialization Leadership and was one of the first Royal Roads University graduates. A wife and mother of five beautiful children and a grandmother to seven adorable future leaders, Laurie serves on the Board of the Nest Foundation. Passions are golf and travel.

Cindy Luffer – Success Story

CEO, iPhix | 2018 Women of Inspiration – Nest Award | @Cindy_iPhix

Cindy Luffer was a believer in STEM before it was an acronym! It wasn’t a field she sought out to break into as a female; it was just what she wanted to be. A big city girl with big city dreams of becoming an engineer was accomplished with honours and respect. From Montreal, she was educated with a bachelor’s in science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and holds professional engineering designations in the state of Maine, and provinces of Quebec and Alberta. Cindy has many years of pulp & paper and oil & gas experience before moving to Calgary. When she broke her personal phone, while on maternity leave with her third child, necessity brought opportunity and unique business for its time was born. iPhix Inc. established in 2009 is Calgary’s foremost out-of-warranty consumer handheld device repair centre. iPhix employs 15 people operating out of iPhix Eau Claire Market, iPhix TD Core, iPhix Avenida, iPhix Sage Hill, and the Calgary iPhix Mobile Kiosk Unit.  Cindy Luffer is 2018 Women of Inspiration Nest Award recipient. As a single mom of four kids and a growing business, Cindy is leading by example and giving hope to women that they can rebuild their lives for themselves and their children.

Sam Bell – Featured Speaker |Moderator –  Transformation Panel 

Founder, Momaitas Journey @mamaitasjourney

Sam is a nurse/midwife and teacher with a career spanning 3 decades and 3 continents, working in public, private and charitable sectors. She is recognized as a huge advocate for women as a writer, transformational coach, international speaker, and is what you could call, a connector of hearts. Her work is largely focused upon helping mothers and daughters struggling with their difficult sometimes, toxic, relationships, resolving issues such as self-esteem, confidence, relationships, happiness, chronic disease, and body image.

Stepping into Divine Feminine: Seeking freedom from the patriarchy and all forms of oppression that exploit and devalue women, peoples and the environment, we begin to see societies working towards radical transformation focusing on relationships between people, and of the relationship between people and nature.

Yvonne E.L. Silver –  Session Speaker  – MentorHER Group Mentorship 

Founder, Flourish with Yvonne E.L. Silver | Best Selling Author | Executive Coach | Volunteer, The Nest Foundation | Boss Chicks Authentic Mentorship Program, Chair | 2018 Women of Inspiration Award – Mentorship | @Yvonne_ELSilver

Yvonne E.L. Silver is a Growth Catalyst: passionate about teaching women leaders and entrepreneurs to Flourish in business – by mastering their confidence and using powerful language, for more sales and to grow their team – for a sustainable business that is fun. Professionally, she is a Speaker, Coach, Chartered HR Consultant and Mentorship Chair, as well as a bestselling author, radio show host, Mother and Wife. With over 25 years of experience in eight high-growth start-ups, holding senior corporate roles of Founder, VP, and HR Director – she is creating Feminine Workplace Cultures which support women’s growth and advocate pay equity.

Mentorship: Your leadership growth imperative – leveraging Mentorship personally and professionally. How this underutilized approach can accelerate your growth and why this is critical. Experience the magic of a Mini-Mentorship session.


Jamie Leno ZimronPanalist

Founder The Centered Way Inc. | 6th Degree Aikido Black Belt | Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) | LPGA Golf Pro | Mind-Body Expert | Corporate Speaker | International Citizen’s Diplomat. 

Jamie Leno Zimron is passionate about every woman and person reaching their potential, peacefully and powerfully, in a world that works for everyone! A dual citizen of Israel, she co-founded the Middle East Aikido Peace Project to help develop peacefully empowered leaders in Israel, Palestine and Northern Africa. She is an award-winning trainer, speaker and entrepreneur, whose greatest joy is providing holistic practices people can quickly use to transform their relationships, businesses, families, health, golf and personal pursuits.

Jamie Sensei (Master Instructor) is acclaimed for her dynamic style in guiding people to newfound well-being and success. She has spoken to Canadian executive groups from Vancouver to Moncton, and is honored to be part of this exciting conference and work in Calgary.

Chris Kennedy –  Panelist
Co-Founder Beauty B!tch Podcast | Author Virgin Beauty Bitch | @VirginBeautyBit

Christopher Kennedy is the author of the book, and co-host of the podcast VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH, a platform that explores gender, sexuality, and relationships. Christopher is a graduate of Radio and Television Broadcast Arts at SAIT and Public Relations at Langara College. His experiences include music director with CHFM Radio Calgary; Regional Promotions and Marketing Manager with Warner Music Canada, and Regional Publicist and Events Coordinator at Citytv.

Heather Erlen  – Panalist

Alberta Representative, Canadian Labour Congress | Co-Founder, Virgin Beauty B!tch Podcast | 2018 Women of Inspiration Award – Power Partner | @HeatherErlen

With her partner, Chris Kennedy, Heather has honed her passion for exploring the collective experience of The Feminine. Since the day these power partners met they vowed to work together to break free of social prescriptions of feminine and masculine – and by doing this catalyze change. They wanted to have conversations and hear from persons of all genders to elevate the importance of Feminine. That is how the Podcast – The Virgin, The Beauty, and The Bitch was incepted and nurtured. They have hosted a wide range of persons on the show. From a psychologist professor talking about pornography to a couple battling through changing gender roles, to a woman who gives makeovers to women in severe poverty. Heather, along with Chris, is dancing and pulling and pushing in these conversations that tackle some of the greatest social justice issues of our time, and their following is growing.

SupportHER Diversity and Inclusion Panel

Arjun Channa – Panalist

GM, The Westin, Calgary @TheWestinCalgary

Arjun has over 25 years of hospitality industry experience bringing a wealth of international expertise globetrotting around the world in 11 different countries. He has held various roles in Algeria, UAE, Jordan, Beijing, Kenya, China, and the list goes on! Arjun held his first General Manager role in 2008 at the Le Meridian Port Vila Resort and Casino in Vanuatu. From there he was promoted to GM at the Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa in India. He then took on several Task Force General Manager roles. From 2013 to 2015, he held the position of Hotel Manager at Sheraton Centre Toronto, Starwood’s flagship hotel in the Canadian market than moved West to Calgary, end 2015 to be been appointed as General Manager of The Westin Calgary Hotel. Arjun has a diploma in Hotel Management from the International Hotel and Training Institutes in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He is fluent in French, Italian, Hindi and conversational in German & Mandarin.

With his spirit to ‘give back’, he sits on many boards in the city including the Calgary Hotel Association, SAIT Advisory Board, Global Chamber and part of the SKAL network. For Marriott International, he is part of America’s Leadership Advisory Council & also the Diversity and Inclusion Champion for West Canada.

Arjun’s is a proud husband to his wife of 24 years and father his 4 children, one of them being a 3-year-old Husky. In his free time During his free time, Arjun mentors, enjoys public speaking but more importantly, he loves to spend time with his family, kick-boxing and traveling to discover our world.

 Desiree Bombenon – Panalist

President and CEO,  SureCall Contact Centers Ltd. @SureCall

Desiree has over 30 years of business operational experience with a proven track record of leading businesses to success and was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in both 2016 & 2017 by WXN. Desiree loves to utilize people and their skills to create success for other businesses while allowing those businesses to focus on their core competencies. That’s what SureCall does! I’m vision-driven with regards to our corporation. Our corporation has a motto of doing good with every call, and is purpose-driven towards creating good in the world,” said the Harvard alumni, who through the Advanced Leadership Initiative, works on critical humanitarian issues around the world. It is Desiree’s mission to educate females in underserved communities. She has created a project, “Hero Girls” that provides a mentorship entrepreneurial program for females in Nepal, including scholarships, classes, mentorships, and Microcredit loans for female entrepreneurs.

Peter Kinkaide – Panalist

CEO, Raintree Capital  @RaintreeEMD

Peter Kinkaide, the CEO of Raintree Capital, the parent company of Raintree Financial Solutions, Raintree Wealth Management and Raintree Corporate Finance. Our businesses are focused on helping investors access diverse investments in the public and private markets. Our goal is to change the way Canadian’s think about investing their money by educating and providing them with independent, innovative investment solutions. My career started in corporate finance and investment banking. I joined Raintree in 2012, and took on the CEO role in 2016.

Peter is the founder of Women & Wealth Inc., a not-for-profit organization that hosts events on International Women’s Day to empower, inspire and support women across Canada who are, or are on their way to becoming, confident and passionate leaders of our businesses, organizations, governments, schools, and communities. Together, we seek to help close the gender gap and promote gender equality within our society.


Delegates will learn from our beauty experts who will share their “secret beauty sauce” live on stage during lunch!  Delegates will have the opportunity to enter for a draw for a Beauty Transformation which includes: hair, make-up, and style from our team of experts!

Adrienne Furrie – Stylist @adriennefurrie

Adrienne Furrie, professional makeup artist and image expert with 20 years experience and a serious weakness for all things sparkly and beautiful. Cut through the confusion of what to wear and how to use makeup properly with simple, practical strategies that’ll have you looking and feeling confident, attractive and ready to rock your business and life.

Rola Muhieddiene – Maison Blu – Make – Up Artist @maisonblu


7:30 am – Registration + Breakfast

8:30 am – Morning Meditation

8:40 am – Opening Remarks

8:45 am – Keynote – Embracing Resilience to Lead with Purpose – Monica Kretschmer, Founder and CEO Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration Awards, Founder, The Nest Foundation

9:15  am – Success Story  – Cindy Luffer – CEO, Iphix | 2018 Women of Inspiration – The Nest Award

9:30  am – Keynote Speaker – Dr. Jody Carrington, Psychologist & Chief Happiness Officer Speaker, Author, 2018 Women of Inspiration – Difference Maker

10:00 am – Break with Purpose

10:30 am – Keynote – Karen Stewart + Interview – Founder and CEO,  Bumble Bees Venture Capital and Fairway Divorce Solutions

11:15 am – Session Speaker – Sam Bell

Transformational Panel –  Jamie Leno Zimeron | Heather Erlen | Chris Kennedy

12:00 am –  LUNCH |  Beauty TRANSFORMATION | INTERVIEWS  Virgin Beauty B!tch

1:00 pm – Session Speaker – Dr. Laurie Maslak

SupportHER – Diversity and Inclusiveness Panel – Desiree Bombenon, CEO SureCall | Arjun Channa, GM The Westin Calgary | Peter Kinkaide, CEO Raintree Capital | Sandra Pound, CFP, Regional Vice President Calgary South, RBC

2:00 pm – Break with Purpose

2:15 pm – Beauty Transformation Interview

2: 30 pm – Session Speaker – Yvonne E.L. Silver 

MentorHER  – Group Mentorship session

3:00 pm – Keynote – Debra Poneman + Interview

4:30  pm – Closing Remarks

WHAT TO WEAR? Wear what makes you feel comfortable for a day of learning!


June 13
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
$99.00 - $3000


88 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 5R5 Canada
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