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Sam Bell

Mamaita's Journey

'Mamaita's Journey' is my journey to stop existing and start living. It started as a blog recording the EMDR sessions that revealed the events from my past that had been buried so deep for so long. I wanted my son to understand someday the reasons why I had removed him from my family. The blog got noticed and people started to…

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The Canadian Business Chicks is a community of professional and entrepreneurial women with a passion for business and profit who embrace life with courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity. The Nest is a non-judgmental environment for women at all stages of life and business to build relevant and authentic connections. The Nest provides members a platform to connect, empower, learn and celebrate through various networking events and mixers throughout the year. It’s so much more than networking. We believe every woman has value and something special to contribute.

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Good People, Good Words

It’s inspirational, sometimes people that are in the audience thinks ‘as hard as I tried, there are barriers in the way to me really being all I can be”, weather it’s a relationship their end, weather it’s a job – the dead end job, weather it’s the way they’re treating in the workplace, and if it inspires them in that way to be all they can be and then to pay that forward, I think that’s part of the Women of Inspiration vision as well, as far as where we want to see this energy flow. Made me think back to the Famous Five and the pioneering women who you brought those people together…

Diane Colley-Urquhart
Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ward 13 Calgary, AB

Diane C.
Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ward 13 Calgary, AB

Women of Inspiration for me is really something that has walked the road of challenges and joys, and to share that with others in their lives, just really to foster growth and community amongst each other. I’m excited to be part of this event that really was doing that and a celebration of these incredible women in Calgary.

Lisa G. 
Founder of Candy Event Consulting

Lisa G. 
Founder of Candy Event Consulting

The first time I met Monica Kretschmer I was in awe of her passion for creating a safe and nurturing space for the people around her to engage in authentic connections.  I have watched her involved in one on one conversations, speaking with small groups and acknowledging the inspirational lives of a room of 400 women.  In these situations, her unique ability to quickly understand a person’s inner purpose allows everyone the opportunity to see and find reverence for who they are with a deep sense of acceptance.  Monica has an exceptional level of commitment to building and growing a community of inspired women who in turn are positively impacting our world.  I am grateful that I have experienced Monica's truly caring, compassionate, and authentic way of interacting with people and am looking forward to modelling these qualities in my own business and personal life.

Loree C.
Founder, Lotus Fire Healing

Loree C.
Founder, Lotus Fire Healing