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Diana Monea

Eye Health Centres

The eyes are the windows to the soul- over 40 years I have seen millions of these souls and Optometry has allowed me to heal a body from the organic to the inner self- when you see a new world - "seeing is believing" that all is possible. Who could ask for anything better?

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The Canadian Business Chicks is a community of professional and entrepreneurial women with a passion for business and profit who embrace life with courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity. The Nest is a non-judgmental environment for women at all stages of life and business to build relevant and authentic connections. The Nest provides members a platform to connect, empower, learn and celebrate through various networking events and mixers throughout the year. It’s so much more than networking. We believe every woman has value and something special to contribute.

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  • Students are the future, and getting female students actively involved in the business community now and for the future is integral. Being a student is expensive - tuition costs, textbooks, rent, and other bills - it’s important for students to know and take advantages of discounts when they present themselves. Students will gain industry knowledge by attending industry events and conference.
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  • Women supporting one another to achieve their goals and be successful is a powerful feeling. A membership is an opportunity to be apart of something! We believe in recognizing, enriching, and empowering women in a supportive manner as they strive towards success personally and in their business and communities.
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  • Our SupportHER Membership enables us to move the needle to unite people with the purpose to empower women in business. This membership is for men who want to show leadership and stand in the gap for the female employees that they work with every day. A mission of this package is to support and propel women and men to be vocal leaders who articulate the need for equal numbers of men and women at the table, wherever that metaphorical table may be.
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  • It’s important to recognize the needs of women in the workplace and essential to offer women in the workplace a platform and space for mentorship, connection, and celebration. This tailored package provides workplaces with a unique employee value proposition – it is the perfect complement to workplace women’s events, corporate women’s clubs, or can stand alone as the employer’s diversity program.
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Admin Fee: $150

Total Commitment: $150/admin-fee + $29/month

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Good People, Good Words

The WOI event was a real class act - from the nominees, to the organizers and the venue itself! It was great to be a part of such a truly inspiring evening. I was especially impressed by the diversity of the winners and equally pleased to see numerous men in attendance to support their peers. The fact that my colleague, Tara Wilson, won the SupportHer award was the icing on the cake for me.

Mike Giannoumis - Senior Vice President Technology Operations, Paysafe Group

This is a testimonial given for Canadian Business Chicks.

Thank you so much for creating such a collaborative and influential community of business people and entrepreneurs.  I have benefited from numerous collaborations within "The Nest" and have also sourced much-needed services. Membership has been a worthwhile investment in my business.

Carrie Paxson
Owner, Beauty Gram and Carrie's Closet

Carrie P.
 BeautyGram and Carrie's Closet

I enrolled in Canadian Business Chicks because I connected with the organizational values: Courage, Confidence, Commitment, and Integrity – and enjoyed the positive energy of the ladies attending. Monica is building a needed collaboration point with The Nest for women with an abundant mindset who value authentic conversations and alliances, while having fun and giving back. As my focus is Coaching Visionary women with a social enterprise element in their business, I felt a strong connection to several of the powerful women members, who are clearly disrupting traditional business models, and stepping into new levels of courageous success while supporting other women. This evolved into our collaborative relationship where I support (Chair) Canadian Business Chicks Authentic Mentorship Program - helping members expand their business success even further. Win-Win!

Yvonne E.L.S. 
Flourish Executive Coach