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Program Details

Have you learned from the hard knocks in the trenches what women in business need to succeed?
Are you ready to share your insights and wisdom with a woman who is smart and keen to grow personally and professionally?
Do you use your energy and time effectively?
Do you minimize distractions and have excellent work-life balance?
Have you learned how to grow your business with authentic connections, and learned how to market your business to find new clients?
Are you described by others as a trailblazer who has “been there and done that” already, and has insights and wisdom nuggets to share?

We want to learn from you and celebrate your successes!

We have been listening to our members and developed the BOSS Chicks Authentic Mentorship Program to help you share your wisdom. expand your experience, grow your business even further, and give back to the community, while helping showcase your business success.

Become a BOSS Chicks Mentor or SupportHER Mentor!

We are accepting applications for men who SupportHER Mentorship!

The BOSS Chicks Authentic Mentorship Program is designed to develop and elevate you as a leader personally and professionally.

  • Learn from real-life experiences of successful business women.
  • Overcome overwhelm and create work-life balance.
  • Expand your network and circle of influence.
  • Be empowered with increased accountability.
  • Gain perspective for business scalability.
  • Learn from trailblazers and gain a disruptor mindset.
  • Develop trust and gain confidence.
  • Have female supporters and champions in your corner.
  • Be exposed to new ideas, concepts, think on a larger scale.
  • Build Relevant and Authentic Connections to grow your business.
  • BOSS Chicks (Mentors) will strengthen critical business concepts for Protégés with the values of Canadian Business Chicks: Courage, • Confidence, Commitment and Integrity.

Program includes 1:1 mentorship and guidance, allowing you to learn:

  • - From real-world experiences of other women.
  • - To speed up the business expansion process.
  • - To invite a different perspective.
  • - To recieve validation or guidence often needed.
  • - To have a female supporter in your corner.
  • - To be exposed to new ideas, concepts, and think on a larger scale.
  • - To expand your personal network, knowledge sources and circle of influence.

(4) Modules - Register for one or commit to all!

BOSS Chicks Authentic Mentorship Program is a flexible Mentorship Program of 4 Modules – one focus for each quarter starting January. Invest in yourself to develop your leadership and register for all 4 Modules.

Mentors and Proteges work 1:1, provided with a workbook to complete each module to strengthen the material, and invited to participate in the Boss Chicks Authentic Mentorship - LIVE Group Call - Monthly - first Wednesday each month 12:00 - 1:00 pm MST

Module 1 – January - March – Commitment
Module 2 – April – June - Courage
Module 3 – July – September - Integrity
Module 4 – October - December - Confidence

Become a BOSS Chicks Mentor or SupportHER Mentor. Now accepting applications for SupportHER's who believe in empowering women in their networks, workplaces and communities.

Once the following information has been completed and submitted, you will be contacted when your match has been completed.

Become a member of The Nest to empower a woman!