Boss Chick Mentor Bios

Our BOSS Chicks Authentic Mentors are extraordinary women in our community with proven business successes and a desire to sharing their knowledge to advance women in business and life. Our Mentors understand the challenges women in business face, and appreciate that women need different supporters in their early years of business to succeed. Our BOSS Chicks Mentors share the organizational values of Canadian Business Chicks: Courage, Confidence, Commitment, and Integrity which are all critical skills to develop as an entrepreneur for sustaining a successful business or for leading a motivated corporate team.

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As a mentor, I have had the pleasure of passing over 20 years of wisdom and experience in the entrepreneurial world and see first-hand how it is making a difference. Most notably, I am able to help my protégé avoid some of the mistakes I have inevitably made along the way and that feels great. – Christine Hart

Karen Stewart -

Founder and CEO, Bumble Bees Venture Capital Inc. and Fairway Divorce Solutions Ltd. | 2018 Women of Inspiration - Advocate and Catalyst for Change

Karen Stewart is a serial industry disrupter and entrepreneur. She has over 25 years of experience in founding and building businesses that are disruptive and create significant shareholder value. Her endeavours have included: Financial Broker Dealers in IDA & MFDA, Boutique Brokerage Firms, Real Estate Investment Firms, Insurance Brokerage and Fairway Divorce Solutions, a national Divorce Solutions Company, which has disrupted the traditional Divorce system in Canada. She is also the Founder & CEO of Bumble Bees Venture Capital Inc., a disruptive Venture Capital Company, and she is a past CEO and is on the Board of Directors for Trusted Brand 2016 Inc. (a public company).

She is a best-selling Author of “Clean Break”, a book disrupting the status quo of the divorce system. Karen has made many media appearances discussing the effects of divorce in today’s society

Heather Erlen - Mentor

Alberta Representative, Canadian Labour Congress | Co-Founder, Virgin Beauty B!tch Podcast | 2018 Women of Inspiration - Power Partner

With her partner, Chris Kennedy, Heather has honed her passion for exploring the collective experience of The Feminine. Since the day these power partners met they vowed to work together to break free of social prescriptions of feminine and masculine – and by doing this catalyze change. They wanted to have conversations and hear from persons of all genders to elevate the importance of Feminine. That is how the Podcast – The Virgin, The Beauty and The Bitch was incepted and nurtured. They have hosted a wide range of persons on the show. From a psychologist professor talking about pornography, to a couple battling through changing gender roles, to a woman who gives make overs to women in severe poverty. Heather, along with Chris, is dancing and pulling and pushing in these conversations that tackle some of the greatest social justice issues of our time, and their following is growing.

In our society, all too often, women are discouraged to toot their own horn. In order to see the value of what women bring to the table, both at the board room tables and the family tables, women need to feel the support from other women, men and persons of other genders. The support to feel empowered to share what we’ve accomplished, to be adamant that our views and opinions have a great deal of power in this world, and to love ourselves without feeling guilty for being our fabulous selves!

Dr. Jody Carrington

Psychologist and Chief Happiness Officer, Carrington & Company

Dr. Jody Carrington is a Clinical Psychologist who has spent the past fifteen years talking about connection and relationships. She is a wife and mother, and Chief Happiness Officer of Carrington & Company, where she manages her private practice, mentors associates, is a speaker, an author, and has created a model of support for people who do some of the holiest work on this planet: our educators. Carrington & Company was born throughout her work with kids and families. Jody has assessed and treated over 1000 kids in our country, and she has never, not one time, met a bad kid. What she has learned, however, is that the kids are only ok if those of us holding them are ok. Jody’s message is for parents, educators, police officers, and anyone who holds people in times of hard things, because we are wired to do hard things. We can do hard things much easier when we remember this: we remember we are wired for connection.

Captain Debora Bergeson

Captain Calgary Fire Department

Deborah is the first female captain of the Calgary Fire Department in its 129-year history, appointed in 2014. In 1998, Deb was the third female firefighter hired in the history of the Calgary Fire Department. There were about 1,000 firefighters at that time. Twenty years later, there are now 37 female firefighters. She has advanced through the ranks and exceeded expectations in the face of intense scrutiny. She has shown women and men alike can be amazing firefighters. Both women and men have to accept responsibility and have to unlearn the untruths. Female firefighters in Calgary are gradually increasing in numbers and are slowly making their way to leadership positions. She celebrates 20 years of firefighting and trail blazing and admits to seeing many changes through her career. She continues to proudly serve the citizens of Calgary and to empower others to challenge traditionally male roles.

A Woman of Inspiration is a risk taker. She is an activated person with the courage to create a better world for those around her. She is dedicated to the common good, even against great odds. Women of inspiration make decisions based on bringing their inner conviction into harmony with their outer acts.

Cindy Luffer

President and CEO – iPhix Inc.

Cindy Luffer was a believer in STEM before it was an acronym! It wasn’t a field she sought out to break into as a female; it was just what she wanted to be. Big city girl with big city dreams of becoming an engineer was accomplished with honours and respect. From Montreal, she was educated with a bachelor’s in science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and holds professional engineering designations in the state of Maine, and provinces of Quebec and Alberta. Cindy has many years of pulp & paper and oil & gas experience before moving to Calgary. When she broke her personal phone, while on maternity leave with her third child, necessity brought opportunity and a unique business for its time was born. iPhix Inc. established in 2009 is Calgary's foremost out-of-warranty consumer handheld device repair centre. iPhix employs 15 people operating out of iPhix Eau Claire Market, iPhix TD Core, iPhix Avenida, iPhix Sage Hill and the Calgary iPhix Mobile Kiosk Unit. Now a single Mom of four kids and four + stores, her visions are not only on opening more stores but also on growing her corporate program partners and the pre-owned mobile device unit.

#WOI2018 - Women of Inspiration Award - The Nest Award
I believe the example that I portray to people around me is not my ability to lead as much as it is getting what needs to happen in a day, week, year accomplished. I try to lead by example.

Audrey Mascarenhas - 2018 Women of Inspiration - Global Impact

President and CEO, Questor Technology Inc.

Audrey Mascarenhas has worked in energy for over 35 years with Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. and Questor Technology Inc. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary. She is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers. Audrey served as a distinguished lecturer with the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2010/2011. She is a member of the Schulich Industry Engineering Advisory Council and currently chairs the Canadian Federal governments clean technology strategy table. Audrey was the recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 Prairies Award for Cleantech and Environmental Services and received a national citation for Values-Based Innovation. She was chosen by Business in Calgary as a 2014 Leaders of Tomorrow, is a 2014 Board Diversity 50 cohort and one of Canada’s 2017 Clean50. Audrey is a fellow of the Energy Futures Lab, serves on the Governor General’s Innovation Awards assessment committee and Questor was recently recognized by the Cleantech Innovation exchange (CIX) as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Cleantech Canadian Companies.

"I passionately believe in being a role model to showcase that girls and women can succeed in a male dominated world and be whatever they want to be." #WOI2018 Audrey Mascarenhas

Karen Boudewyn

Karen Boudewyn

Financial Planner, Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network

I have a passion for people. The thrill of improving a situation whether it is a creative idea, strategy or setting a new goal to create a better future is what motivates me. I take pride in business and community as well as the relationships and connections made within these sectors. My knowledge and ability coupled with "passion for people" has provided me with the confidence to reach success in all areas of life.

Mentor Philosophy – Why I mentor...

My philosophy is that energy and knowledge is to be valued and shared. Mentoring is an excellent environment to do just that. We learn from each other whether we know it or not. My Sensei of 6 years once said "if you think you know something - teach it and you will learn even more", I truly believe this statement and have tested it may times over the years. Building confidence within ourselves as well as our business is all part of the "energy".

Dr. Laura Hambley

President, Owner, PhD. Registered Psychologist - Work EvOHlution - #WOI2018 Global Influener

Dr. Laura is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, a mother of three and a serial entrepreneur based in Calgary, Alberta. She is a sought-after authority and thought leader on workplace psychology in Canada and she speaks, writes, and is regularly interviewed by the media on topics related to workplace mobility/flexibility, career and leadership trends. Above all else, she is a leader and mentor who is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Dr. Laura holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Calgary, where her research focused on distributed leadership and teamwork. 2003, Dr. Laura has published extensively on the critical success factors for effectively leading distributed teams, including co-authoring book on the topic (Growing the Virtual Workplace, 2008), and multiple presentations at international conferences. Her newest co-founded venture, Work EvOHlution, provides innovative assessment and development support for mobile or geographically distributed workers, leaders, and teams. Work EvOHlution was recognized as one of the 50 most innovative new organizations in Alberta, and continues to develop cutting edge tools organizations around the world. The newly developed assessment Distributed Worker Profiler was most recently profiled in Scientific American magazine.

Christina Pilarski - Women of Inspiration

Christina Pilarski

Founder and Chief Strategist - CIPR Communications

Christina earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies with honours from the University of Calgary; and achieved a Masters of Arts in Communications Studies from the University of Calgary developing a thesis around the ability to effect policy change through online engagement. Her thesis work took her across Alberta to lead a number of focus groups in order to fully understand what it takes for an individual to become engaged with government and policy online, and take meaningful offline action. Christina is one of few individuals in Canada who has studied, and is committed to understanding why we engage online, and what keeps us coming back.

A proven expert in digital communications including multiple online and social media platforms, Christina’s background includes developing and executing campaigns, managing projects and helping to establish strong online brands for a variety of organizations representing varied industries and sectors. Through these connections, Christina has developed strong networks across the country in multiple industries that are leveraged to ensure her clients' success. Her belief is that stakeholder engagement and effective communications are really about establishing relationships, telling stories and creating messages that connect companies in a personal way with their key audiences.

Mentor Philosophy - Why I mentor...

Mentors encourage, inspire, and lift us up. Mentors are the sounding board for your crazy ideas and your biggest dreams. Mentors give you an outlet and help focus your vision. Women in business have very different paths than men - we need to mentor one another because we have life experiences and pressures that a man would not understand. Those differences don't hold us back - but make us stronger!

Yvonne EL. Silver, CHRP - Boss Chicks Authentic Mentor, Chair

Founder, Certified Executive Coach, Founder Flourish, #WOI2018 Mentorship

Has a passion for helping women FLOURISH - and have more JOY in Business!   Yvonne's focus is supporting visionary women entrepreneurs - especially those with a social enterprise passion, to have a massive ripple effect.  Ultimately her clients have more joy, work-life balance, and quality family time - and FUN in life - to FLOURISH! Professionally, she incorporates over 20 years of success (as an entrepreneur and corporate VP) to Coach and Mentor women to have more confidence and impact.  Professionally, Yvonne holds an Executive Coaching Certificate and a Certified HR Professional designation, as well as completing Business Management (University of Calgary) and being a Certified Reiki Practitioner.  She is a Mentorship Program Chair, past Board member and program developer. Yvonne is a frequent speaker at various conferences, tele-summits, radio shows, workshops and other events - on topics supporting the growth of women in the workplace and as entrepreneurs. 

#WOI2018 - Women of Inspiration Award - Mentorship

Lisa Mundell-Lawrence - President Western Canada, PMA Brethour-Townley, BOSS Chick Mentor

Lisa Mundell- Lawrence

Vice President – Western Canada Division PMA Brethour-Townley, 2017 Women of Inspiration Mompreneur

Lisa Mundell-Lawrence comes to us as a partner in PMA Brethour-Townley with over two decades of hands on experience in both sales and management.

Lisa’s product knowledge spans the globe; from multiple projects in Panama, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, to over 2700 + individual condominium and new home sales at home in Calgary.

As managing partner of PMA Brethour -Townley for the Western Canadian Division, she has been very hands on for our Metropia / Knightsbridge project at University City.

Cheap Smokes – 24 Franchises plus grow across Canada in 2017, First and Vine restaurant opened in October 2016.