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Diana Monea

Eye Health Centres

Dr. Diana Monea, Optometrist

Graduated from the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry, in 1978, some 38 years
ago! Dr. Monea actively practices, fulltime. She developed, runs, solely owns and manages three full scope practices, in two provinces, with many employees and Associates.

In her “spare” time she enjoys “mentoring” her female colleagues on how to have it all….Mother, wife, and business woman, without losing your mind!
Dr. Monea’s belief is that, every single day, she has the opportunity to make a difference, to change someone’s life! Her long career now drives her to the desire to “give back” especially to her female friends, in any way she can. Her belief is that “the glass ceiling” exists only in a women’s mind and that this type of thinking must be “shattered”!

She believes that the three most important, priceless values in life can be summed up in one sentence, for anyone regardless of importance, money or title. These values in order of importance are: Health, family and time. As we age, these values become even more important.

Dr Monea speaks professionally on many issues and topics. She comes with a larger than life persona and a speaking style that leaves audiences wanting more. Her 30 years of experience and knowledge combined with her genuine interest in insuring that the audience not only learns a lot but has a good time is a great combination. She brings warmth that shows through her genuine interest in what she is talking about which is always highly relatable and captivating to her audiences.

In 2016 Dr. Monea received recognition by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce for her
Leadership, and the Alberta Association of Optometrists for her service. She is an example
of lifelong learning and the pursuit excellence.

Christina Marlett - 
Courageous Self Care

Christina Marlett

Courageous Self-Care

Christina Marlett believes that self-care is the missing ingredient in many women’s lives. Her brand of self-care goes beyond bubble baths, chocolate and wine.
In her work as a Courageous Self-Care Mentor and Speaker, Christina teaches busy, overwhelmed women who are running on empty, the difference between external and internal self-care. She helps them find clarity and their own unique self-care style so that they can finally learn how to fill themselves up first, without the guilt. Christina is an International Speaker, a #1 International Best-Selling Author, a Master Facilitator, a Self-Care Mentor and the host of her popular web TV program, “The Courageous Self-Care Show”.

Speaking Topic: Courageous Self-Care: How to Ease the Guilt, Tame the Critic and Live Life for You

Katherine Kowalchuk - Conscious Conflict Resolution Program

Katherine Kowalchuk

WAM Healing Centre

Katherine is a speaker, coach/strategic interventionist, Founder & CEO of WAM Healing Centre and the creator of the Conscious Conflict Resolution Program and saynotobullshit.com. Katherine is also a lawyer by trade and is based out of Calgary, Alberta where she has practiced for over 15 years in various areas, including Family Law and Divorce.

Katherine’s message and formula is simple but, more often than not, difficult to achieve:

Katherine is passionate about exploring different and meaningful ways to help you accept responsibility and experience forgiveness, which in turn will reduce or eliminate the conflict in your life. She provides an effective, holistic approach to healing her clients in more ways than through mainstream offerings, such as, therapy, mediation, arbitration or litigation. She tells it like it is and takes her clients on a journey into meaningful self-exploration that transforms their perspectives about RESPONSIBILITY, FORGIVENESS AND MANAGING CONFLICT.

For more information about Katherine’s Live Workshop click on The Responsibility Quotient: A Key to Forgiveness and Managing Conflict. For more information about having Katherine speak at your event, contact us at katherine@wamhealingcentre.com or call 403-604-6611.