Articles 3 Vital Traits of Authentic Leaders

3 Vital Traits of Authentic Leaders

We all have the ability be great leaders and it is easier than you think. You simply do what you love to do, surround yourself with a positive environment, and lead by example. I have the opportunity to connect, learn from and build authentic relationships with extraordinary business leaders, thought leaders, change makers and visionaries from across the country who are everyday heroes and influencers in our community.

Meeting hundreds of business leaders, I’ve discovered three common traits extraordinary leaders have in common. What makes these women (and men) great leaders and massive influences have very little to do how much they have in the bank, the kind of car they drive, or how many friends they have on Facebook. In fact, most of these individuals are super humble, and thrive on about the laundry list of accomplishments, yet have mass influence.

Authentic Leadership is all about people and relationships. Great leaders will always rise above the crowd when they show up with emotional intelligence and these three traits. Here are the top three traits of authentic leaders who inspire, lead, and motivate others to be more and do more. Starting with emotional intelligence and authenticity!

  • Authenticity – This is not a buzz word. Authenticity its about creating trusted relationships that are genuine. Authenticity is like a moth to a light. People are attracted to others who are not afraid to share their secrets to success, advocate for others, and celebrate their successes. They have developed boundaries, learned  to say “no”, believe in the power of forgiveness and are open to receiving feedback. Authenticity happens when you lead with your heart.
  • Be of Service – To be of service is a mindset that all top leaders embrace. Mentorship is one of the best vehicles to empower others and one trait consistent with all strong leaders. When you embraced everything, you do with the mind set of being of service to others, doors open, your confidence soars and you create a ripple effect of inspiring others to do the same.
  • Lead by Example: Here is one of my favorite quotes that sum it all up. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams. Authentic leaders lead with integrity, value hard work and commitment, empower others, embrace fear, and consistently lead by example.

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Monica Kretschmer

Monica Kretschmer

Monica is the Founder and CEO of Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration and The Nest Foundation. Born and raised in Calgary, she is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for building authentic and relevant connections. Monica believes in empowering women and her mission is to help women thrive in business and in their personal lives. She believes in creating a place where women can work together to foster a community where diversity, innovation, recognition, mentorship and a disruptor mindset are all valued. Where women can feed their souls and their pocketbooks, all while finding much needed mentorship. A place where Purpose, with a capital P, can be found by all. Since launching Canadian Business Chicks in May 2014, Monica has broken traditional barriers and silos by embracing collaboration and diversity. In three short years, Monica has built a recognizable brand across Canada and spearheaded partnerships with government agencies, non-profits, venture capitalists and women’s organizations. Since Monica launched Women of Inspiration as a legacy event to honour a woman who helped her overcome adversity in 2015, she has tripled her attendance and opened nominations to women across Canada. Monica’s big juicy vision is to grow Canadian Business Chicks nationally and Women of Inspiration globally. Media and Speaking Enquiries: Website:

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