2017 Women of Inspiration Winners We are honoured to announce and celebrate the 2017 Women of Inspiration Winners

Advocate & Catalyst for Change

Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi

Founder & CEO of MaKami College Inc. | Mother | Serial Entrepreneur | Author | Community Champion | Philanthropist

"A Woman of Inspiration is an industry leader. Someone that creates solutions to what others deem impossible, she thinks outside the box and innovates to improve the lives of those that live in our community. This inspirational lady mentors and acts as a role model, in her success she paves the way for others to succeed." -Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi

Game Changer

Karen Klassen

Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance and Purse Angel Project - Coach | Speaker | Bestselling Author | Exemplary Community Leader Mentor

“A Woman of Inspiration…leads by example in everything she does. She sees the brilliance in others and holds that space for others until they are able to embody and embrace their own light.” - Karen Klassen

Women of Inspiration

Millennial Leader

Sophia Fairweather

Founder of StartUpBySophia | 9-year-old Entrepreneur | Tech Advocate | Role Model | Champion of Women & Youth | UN Presenter

"A Woman of Inspiration is someone that leads and does stuff, I have heard a lot of people talk, but doing is better." -Sophia Fairweather

Lisa Mundell - Women of Inspiration


Lisa Mundell-Lawrence

Serial Entrepreneur | President Western Canada of PMA Realty Group | Mother | Grandmother | Professional Speaker | 2x Cancer Survivor | Mentor | Advisor

"I believe all women have inspiration to share, whether it be by sharing their stories of wisdom from lessons they have learned, or obstacles they have overcome. Women who… have learned the art of checking their ego at the door for the better good of all." -Lisa Mundell-Lawrence

Women of Inspiration

Difference Maker

Raman Kapoor

Founder of DIL Walk Foundation | Advocate for Health & Wellness | Mother | Philanthropist | Dietitian | Author

"A woman of inspiration is one who shows ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication. She is one that devotes herself to sustained and selfless voluntary service, particularly touching the lives of those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves... She is one that creates her own path." -Raman Kapoor

Women of Inspiration

Unsung Hero

Lynn MacDonald

Co-Founder, Empowerment Inc. | Calgary Police Service | Women’s Self-Defence Advocate | Ambassador | Head Empowerment Warrior | Entrepreneur

"I believe a Woman of Inspiration is someone who lives her life in such a way that it inspires others to dream, to learn, to grow, to selflessly give and to thrive. She holds true to her values of honesty and integrity." -Lynn MacDonald

Sophie Serafino - Women of Inspiration

Cultural Ambassador

Sophie Serafino

Founder of Every Woman Foundation | Mother of 2 | Entrepreneur | Vionilist | Composer | Volunteer | Advocate

"To me, a woman of inspiration is someone that creates positive change in another. A woman that faces all that she must in her life with courage, strength and determination to succeed… no matter the obstacles." -Sophie Serafino

Trailblazer – Technology (STEM)

Deanna Burgart

COO of Indigenous Engineering Inclusion Inc. | Mother | Grandmother | Facilitator | Speaker

"A Woman of Inspiration is someone who lives her life with authenticity, tenacity and resilience. Someone who strives to be her best self while also embracing vulnerability and the ‘realness’ of life. I am inspired by women who live, learn and openly share their journeys to serve others." -Deanna Burgart

Authentic Leader

Nora Molina

Founder of Ignitech Solutions Inc. | Manager Career Services at University of Calgary | MBA Partner with BroadView Communications Group

"A woman of inspiration is someone who has faced challenges and adversity with perseverance, style and grace to reach for goals and dreams that others might often say are impossible, and…has reached out to encourage and support other women in their own journeys." -Nora Molina

Michelle Andrishak - Women of Inspiration

Boss Chick Mentorship

Michelle Andrishak

Business Coach & Connector at Rural Alberta Business Centre Rocky Mountain House | Mother | Visionary | WOW Creator | Mentor | Volunteer

"When I think about inspiration, I define it as ordinary people to encourage, support and hold a safe space for others to do extraordinary things, all the while being a shoulder to cry on, offering advice to count on and cheering others on to become the best that they can be, whether it be in business, leadership or personal life." -Michelle Andrishak

Lea Romanowski - Women of Inspiration

Life Time Achievement

Lea Romanowski

Owner & Lead Designer of Designing on the Edge | Mother | Daughter | Friend | Facilitator | Speaker | Award-Winning Designer | Volunteer

"A woman of inspiration is…a selfless leader. Someone who is willing to take risks and make mistakes and then learn from those mistakes and pass on what she learned to others and help them to grow." - Lea Romanowski

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