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Woman of Inspiration - Advocate and Catalyst for Change

A woman who demonstrate integrity, leadership, commitment, courageousness whose personal and professional contribution has made a significant impact in her community and the lives of other women. A Woman of Inspiration has overcome adversity and inspiring others by advocating for causes to support women. She is an advocate for change and leads by example.


An entrepreneur and mother who is a founder or co-founder of a business, balanced responsibilities as a mother and running a business. She has made significant contributions to her local community and inspires those around her to move mountains and realize dreams. Mompreneurs are recognized in all industries and sectors of business from health, wellness, spirituality, or mindfulness to construction, food, fashion, and technology.

Lifetime Achievement

An extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to the advancement of others demonstrated exemplary leadership and paved the way for the leaders of today. She demonstrates leadership, Courage, Confidence, Commitment and Integrity in business and life. In addition to being an accomplished business women, she is recognized as a model Canadian ambassador for women through her extraordinary dedication, personal achievements, and service of others through mentorship, philanthropy, and business. to Nominee must be 50 years of age or older

Trailblazer – Technology, Environmental, Research, Science (STEM)

A woman who has broken barriers in the workplace or business community. She is a catalyst for change and made a significant contribution through science, technology, research, and innovation. She is a trailblazer with and entrepreneurial spirit that demonstrates leadership and integrity in business and life too.

Millennial Leader – Futurepreneurs

A rising star who makes an impact in business, community projects, athletics, academics, arts, and volunteering. She is a rising star and futurpreneur in the business community, role model to her peers, and makes an impact in the community to be of service to others. She must be under the age of 34.

Cultural Ambassador – Arts and Communications

A woman who has made a significant contribution through her dedication to enriching the lives of others through visual, literary, performing arts, or broadcasting. She is committed to being of service to others and made a significant impact in the lives of others through her dedication to arts and communication.

Difference Maker – Community and Humanitarian

A woman with a commitment and passion to serving others and making an impact in the lives of others. Through her work as a humanitarian, she demonstrates business development and funding to implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues. Nominee must demonstrate her influence and work in her local community. The contribution may be recognized as a non-profit locally or globally.

Boss Chick – Mentorship

A woman who has made a significant contribution in her workplace, or business community with her dedication and commitment to the circle of reciprocity by helping to support other women to advance personally or professionally. Nominations are based on volunteer mentor relationships to advance women in the workplace in business community.

Game Changer – Entrepreneur

A woman who has set her goals and forged a road on the road less traveled to create a vision for her company lead with a values, integrity and leadership. She has led her team to adapt to changing markets and valued by customers as a leader in her industry. A Game Changer is a woman who owns or operates a business, is a Founder or Co-Founder and actively manages the business day-to-day and demonstrates a commitment to pay it forward in the community

Authentic Leader- (Corporate, Executive, Management, Senior Leadership)

A woman who has made significant contributions as an authentic leader in management, professional services, as an industry expert in her area of expertise. She is an extraordinary woman who leads by example, emphasizes building honest relationships, valuing input and building an ethical foundation. She has made a significant difference in the advancement of women in the workplace in Canada. An Authentic Leader is a woman within an organization of service to others with a mindset of an entrepreneur.

Unsung Heroes – Public Service

A woman who has made a significant contribution to empower, advance, advocate, or support women in Canada. She is a service leader and role model in the public sector that demonstrates extraordinary leadership, commitment to cause, courage, and integrity. Nominations are open to women in public service to include: Police, Military, Firefighters, Canadian Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).


Complete the Online Nomination Package and Nominee Package below by June 15, 2017, to be eligible. Deadline to submit your Nominee Package extended to June 15, 2017.

Who Can be nominated for a Woman of Inspiration Award?

Any individual or organization may nominate a Woman of Inspiration. We accept nominations from women from all stages of business and life representing all industries. Nominees range from diverse and cultural backgrounds: entrepreneurs, business women, executives, scientists, arts and media, not-for-profit, executives, journalists, thought leaders, authors, athletes, lawyers, doctors, musicians, and women in public service. We believe that you cannot celebrate women enough.

  • To be eligible for a Woman of Inspiration Award, the nominee must:.
  • To be eligible for the Millennial Leader Award, the nominee must be under 34 years of age.
  • Be available to attend the Women of Inspiration Award and White Hat Ceremony in Calgary, Alberta on September 30. 2017.
  • Complete and submit the Nomination Package by June 21, 2017, with non-refundable registration fee ($150 + GST). Registration fee includes one Event Ticket to 150 Women of Inspiration.
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  • Open to all Canadian residents

Frequently Asked Questions

Who many nominate me? Anyone may complete a nomination form on your behalf. Nominees are responsible for completing and submitting the Nominee Package to be eligible.

May I nominate a past Women of Inspiration Award Winner?  Yes. We will accept nominations for Women of Inspiration past winners who have won in the past. A completed nomination package including category must be submitted.

May the nominee be in public office? Individuals in public office are not eligible for nominations.

Is there any industry, cultural, or religious restrictions? No.

What does the $ 150 registration fee cover? Your registration fee will include one (1) Event Ticket to Women of Inspiration on Saturday, September 30. (You will receive your code once your nomination package has been received). We will donate $ 50 from each registration to The Nest Foundation to empower women in business and end domestic violence.

I am nominating a Woman of Inspiration and would like to pay her registration fee, how can I do this? Nominators may wish to pay the registration fee at the time of submitting the Nomination Form. Contact us with the name of the nominee and we will connect with you so you may cover the non-refundable registration fee on her behalf. We will send her a code to waive the fee to complete the online registration.

Do I have to be a member of Canadian Business Chicks? No, you do not have to be a member to nominate or be nominated. We are growing The Nest across Canada and would love to have you as a member! Become A Member of The Nest!

Can I become a Sponsor or Vendor in the Marketplace at the Women of Inspiration event? Yes, please contact us for a copy of our Media Kit. Deadline is August 31. Marketplace Vendor Tables available : $ 250 (until July 1). Click tickets.

What is the expectation for a WOI Nominee? We have special events planned to celebrate our nominees and winners before and after the event. You will be invited to become a member of Canadian Business Chicks and speak at our upcoming events.

Letter of reference or Consent Form – Anyone internally or externally in your organization, board member, advisory council, mentor, or person who can speak to your accomplishments and achievements may provide you with a letter of reference. Letter of Consent must be provided by the parents or legal guardians for any young women under the age of 18.

Do Nominees need to purchase event tickets? Yes, you will be required to purchase an event ticket prior to ticket deadline of August 15, 2017. To be eligible for an award you must be present. Nominees receive Canadian Business Chick member discount on event tickets.

Why should I get my Nomination Package in early? This year we are capping our Nominations to 150 Women of Inspiration. Only the first 150 completed Nomination Packages will be considered!

How are Award Winners Chosen? All information will remain confidential and members of our selection committee will have signed a confidentiality agreement. You may be contacted by telephone by our Selection Committee to verify information in your nomination package. Each nomination will be reviewed by a member of our selection committee and based on the information submitted. Only completed nomination packages will be reviewed based on the Criteria: Leadership, paying it forward in the community, impact in your industry or area of expertise, and advancement for women in Canada.

 Deadline for nominations and packages to be received by June 21, 2017, to be eligible.


Nominees may be entered in one category. Each nomination must include:

Step One: NOMINATE A WOMAN. Fill out the Nomination Form.
Step Two: COMPLETED NOMINATION PACKAGE, completed by NOMINEE submitted by midnight June 21, 2017. Please CLICK to complete.

  • Nominees and nominators will receive notification a nomination has been received. A nomination packages including $ 150 non-refundable registration fee (includes nominee general event ticket) must be completed by the nominee in order to be eligible.
  • All completed and eligible nomination packages will be forwarded to the Selection Committee. The selection committee reserves the right to withhold an award in any category.
  • Nominees are eligible for re-nomination in subsequent years. An updated application must be submitted.
  • Finalists will be notified prior to the event. Award winners will be announced at 150 Women of Inspiration 2017 #WOI2017 ceremony on Saturday, September 30, 2017.
  • Nominee and Finalists names, bio and photo may be published for editorial, marketing or promotional materials for Canadian Business Chicks and Women of Inspiration.
  • Nominator provides consent on behalf of the nominee for submitting Nomination Application. A Nominee may opt to be removed from nomination by contacting Canadian Business Chicks.

Why Nominate?

By nominating a woman, you are telling her and the world that she is and extraordinary and courageous woman that is inspiring others and making an impact in the lives of others. A woman of inspiration overcomes challenges with grace and lifts those around her. By nominating a woman, you are honoring her accomplishments, opportunity to build a legacy, validating her hard work, dedication, contribution in the workplace, elevating her personal and professional profile, and opportunity to be recognized nationally.

We believe that “Every Woman Has a Story” and look forward to recognizing 150 Women across Canada who inspire others.

Benefit of Nomination (Nominee Package to be completed to be eligible).

  • Announcement as Woman of Inspiration Nominee on  Canadian Business Chicks and featured on our website, newsletter, social media leading to 150Women of Inspiration on Saturday, September 30.
  • Invitation for Nominee and a guest to join our Nominee Celebration Luncheon on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at the Silver Springs Golf Course.***
  • Opportunity to be interviewed to share your story on Canadian Business Chicks.***
  • Opportunity to be recognized with our Media Partners at Global News.*
  • Elevate your personal and professional profile nationally.
  • Increased credibility for your business or cause.
  • Create your legacy.
  • Be apart of the 150 Women of Inspiration celebration on Saturday, September 30.
  • The feeling of being acknowledged…… PRICELESS!

Woman of Inspiration Award Winners (Announced at 150 Women of Inspiration):

  • White Hat Ceremony at Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
  • Gifts from Hillberg & Berk and partners.
  • Interviewed by Canadian Business Chicks and recognized on website, newsletter, social media.
  • Receive Awards Badge – Canada 150 Women of Inspiration for your email signature, LinkedIn, Social Media, Website
  • Photo Session
  • Recognized by our Media Partners
  • VIP meeting with Keynote and Founder and CEO Canadian Business Chicks

We believe that being nominated is an honor that should be shouted from the mountain top! We look forward to celebrating with you!