Women of Inspiration 2016

The dust had not even settled on our inaugural Women of Inspiration event before the planning begun for our second event. We celebrated our 2nd Annual Women of Inspiration event on Saturday, October 1, 2016 with 400 guests, 40 nominees and recognized nine Women of Inspiration who inspire others to greatness!

“We listened. We laughed. We applauded and we celebrated each other’s unique contributions and accomplishments until the early hours of the afternoon.”- Donna Dahl, 2016 Women of Inspiration – Lifetime

Keynote speakers and special guests included: Rachel Mielke – CEO Hillberg & Berk, Dr. Shawne Duperon – Project Forgive and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Maggie MacKillop – Executive Director, HomeFront, Michelle Morgan – CBCs Heartland, W. Brett Wilson, and 2015 Women of Inspiration, Diane L. Harms Q.C. To date, together we have raised over $ 18,000 to support HomeFront to end domestic violence.

We look forward to celebrating our 3rd annual Women of Inspiration with 150 Women of Inspiration across Canada to recognize women who inspire others to greatness. Nominate a woman and plan to join us for a memorable morning to celebrate women who make a difference in our community, build authentic connections with like-minded women and men who believe together we are stronger! Every woman has a story! Don’t miss out on this National women empowerment event to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary! Tickets for 150 Women of Inspiration – Awards, Brunch and Keynote with Amanda Lindhout on sale now.